User Manual Device; Yi Action Camera

User Manual Device; Yi Action Camera

User manual deviceDo you have interest in photography or cinematography? If you are those two things’ lover, you might better to know Yi Action camera from Xiaomi. To know this camera, of course, you have to learn about it from the user manual device. There will be so many information about the features of Yi Action camera and also the guidance to use the device. As this camera is a little bit different with the other camera in common, it would be good for you to know more about Yi Action Camera by reading the manuals. So, read the following paragraphs for more information about Yi Action Camera.

User Manual Device; Operating Yi Action Camera

Before you learn more about user manual device of Yi Action Camera, it would be good to know some parts of this camera. The first is the power button that is located near the lens. In the body of the camera, except the power button, you will find the video or photo button. Besides that, you will also find the status indicator of the camera. Then, of course, there will be the lens. For your information, this Yi Action Camera will also be supported with Bluetooth configuration and microphone. You will also find any ring-shaped LED indicator.

When you want to operate your camera, of course, you have to turn on the camera first. Then, you can choose the mode whether you will take a picture or video. Then, press the button if you already finish the set. Since this camera is not supported with any display scene, of course, you have to connect it with your smartphone if you want to monitor the result of the picture or the video. So, what do you think about this camera? Please, read more the user manual device of this camera to understand the other features.


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