Tips To Do Breastfeeding

Tips To Do Breastfeeding

Health tipsFor those who become mom-to-be, it is important if you know and understands about baby and mom including breastfeeding. It is actually the activity which mom will be done after delivering the baby. Indeed, it is very important for the baby since breastmilk is the best food. Talking more about breastfeeding, here there is some recommendation that all mom should do in order to get a successful natural breastfeeding. What are those recommendations? Here is the explanation which people came understand.

  1. Doing skin to skin contact

Before doing breastfeeding before the baby has been delivered, the mother should ask the doctor to place the baby on her chest. In another word, it is called as skin to skin contact. Actually, the first contact done by the baby and mother will help the baby to start breastfeeding. Besides this activity also can be very good to start the strengthen the emotional bond between the baby and mother.

  1. Doing breastfeeding in the first hour after the baby born

About the second thing which mother have to do is doing breastfeeding in the first hour after the baby born. By doing it the flow of breast milk can be better since it can speed up the breast milk. Besides the quantity of the milk comes to be better too.

  1. Thinking about the baby position

For another thing that is very recommended to be done is about the baby position while breastfeeding. Here, the mother has to make sure that her baby is placed in the right position so that the baby can feed the milk in a comfort position.

  1. Doing breastfeeding when needed

Moreover, the last tips which are important to be known by all mothers are the time of breastfeeding. Actually, there is no time to do it since breastfeeding can be done when the baby needs it.