Tips For Rafting Bali

Rafting Bali is a fun and challenging experience. When you want to raft along the river in Bali, you need some tips. Those tips below are very helpful if you are not a type of person who really enjoys adventure and sport.  Maybe you feel hesitant when you decide to go rafting in Bali since rivers in Bali offers a more challenging adventure.  Still, you can’t resist the beauty of Bali nature. So you need to join this adventure whenever you come to Bali. Actually, rafting is not only challenging but also a fun experience. Some people already thought that they will paddle for hours and hours, but it’s not. Here are our tips for rafting!

Rafting Bali Tips For First Timer

The first tip for rafting Bali is wearing proper clothes. Wear comfortable clothes is a must when you want to raft. You can wear t-shirt and short. You can also replace shortly with legging if you don’t to reveal your skin. Wear clothing items which can get wet. You will be soaked from head to toe. Don’t worry, it’s a part of rafting that you can’t avoid. How about shoes? You should wear water-friendly shoes during rafting. There is another type of appropriate shoes for rafting. Leave your phone, camera, and anything which is not waterproof. Unless you wouldn’t mind to have broken gadget or losing them while rafting.

Instead, bring a phone or camera which is waterproof and secure. You can opt for Go pro camera which is easy to use and secure. Always know and follow the safety rules. For example, you shouldn’t wear that, but you have to wear a helmet to protect your head. Know your level, know your ability. For a beginner, just stick with a lower level of your safety. The last thing is to use a lot of sunblock all over your body before you regret it. Finally, enjoy your rafting Bali!

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