Steps To Create Printable Application With Dropdown Feature

Steps To Create Printable Application With Dropdown Feature

Do you need a printable job application? Don’t worry, you can even make it in 3 minutes. You can use Microsoft Word to create the printable application with completed fillable tools. As like as create a common document, you need to open the new blank document on your Word then choose the tools from Developer Tab. There are a lot of tool options which are usually easy to use for the fillable application. Moreover, it is also recommended for your printable application.

Add Tools From Developer Tab For Printable Application

If there is no Developer tab on your document, so you need to activate it first. Here are steps to activate the Developer tab:

  1. Choose File then click Options
  2. The bar will be presented, so you need to click Customize Ribbon
  3. On the right side box, there will be some ribbon that has been appeared in your document. Find Developer then checklist the box
  4. The Developer tab has been shown in your document

After the Developer tab has been shown, you can create printable job application easily. There are a lot of tools that can be chosen like Rich Content and Plain Content. You can also add the Dropdown or Checklist box.

For Dropdown box, you can just click “Drop-Down List Control” on Developer tab. Then, the tools will be shown in your document. However, the Dropdown option will not appear yet. You can click the box in that dropdown then choose Properties on the bar. After that, you need to click the box which is “Drop-Down List Properties”. You can choose “Add” for more option. Just click OK, then the drop-down box is completed to choose. If you want to add more option for a printable job application, so you choose other tools like Combo Box Content, Check Box Content, Picture, and many more.