The Risk Factors Of Heart Disease

The Risk Factors Of Heart Disease

Health careHeart disease is still the main problems of modern people. Many people got killed from the disease. Men are still at high risk of the heart disease. However, as women, they should know that they also have the same risk of heart disease. You can see the explanation of heart disease for women in this modern day in other articles and source. Well, do you want to know the risk factors for heart disease especially in women? Read below.

The Risk Factors Of Heart Disease In Women

There are several risk factors for heart disease you should know to prevent heart disease and to take care more of your heart. The first factor is the High LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol. The second factor is diabetes. Diabetes is also dangerous that can take your life; it becomes the risk factor of heart disease as well. You should really stay away from diabetes. Then, the next risk factor is the family history of heart disease. If your family has the history; you should be more careful and take care of your heart from now on. The other risk factors you should know are hypertension, lack of physical activity, smoking of tobacco, a metabolic syndrome such as lipids, diabetes, abdominal obesity, high blood pressure.

The last risk factor is the factor that usually happens in South Asian women. It has high risk than the men around them. Well, you should not underestimate your heart health from now. You know, in this modern era, not only men that have the high risk of having heart disease and heart attack. You should love and care yourself more now. Always check up your health routine with your husband and family to prevent any heart disease. So, those are all the information and tips for you to prevent heart disease. I wish the information will be useful.

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