New Nougat Android Features

New Nougat Android Features

Android NougatAndroid version has been developed for 5 years, and there have been some features added since then. The newest version of Android that we can enjoy today is Oreo. Whoever, there is only a few android devices that can run this newest operating system. The earlier version of Android, the Nougat, however, covers a greater range of devices. Even though it only covers phones with high specifications such as 1GB or RAM and 1.5GHz of the processor, many smartphones are designed to accommodate such demand anyway. Therefore, Android nougat becomes a more familiar version of Android. Even so, some people may not know the full potential of nougat android features because they are not aware yet.

Nougat Android Features That You Should Tyr

The first feature that is built into the new operating system is keyboard emoji with genders and skin tone updates. Let’s discuss the first emoji. It deals with the genders, and it is actually emoji that is related to occupation. It has been a tradition that a welder is associated with man, and that is why earlier keyboard emoji also shows a welder man. However, it changes dramatically as the new nougat android features incorporate welder woman. Of course, it is not merely applicable to the welder as occupation. Most of the available occupation in nougat is now available for two genders. It is not really a major change though. However, it gives a wider scope of acceptability.

Another nougat feature that you should consider is the new skin tone when it comes to the aforementioned emoji. The emoji now is like WhatsApp which offers different skin tone. Even though it really seems practical and accurate, it actually may offend your text buddies. Regardless, it is a new feature that you cannot miss if you are using the default keyboard from the Nougat android features.

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