Managing Saturated Fat in Your Diet

When some people do their diet, of course, their main goal is to burn their fat. Some of them think that too much fat in their body is the main problem so that they want to do diet program. However, it does not mean that those people really need to avoid eating the fat. They need to pay attention to the amount of the fat but do not avoid to consume the fat. Actually, a type of fat that they have to avoid in diet process is the saturated fat. Do you want to know more about the explanation of this topic? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information.

Foods with Saturated Fat

Once again, you have to remember that you still need the supply of fat for your body, when you are in the middle of your diet. It means that you cannot forget to consume at least small amount of something with fat in it. However, it would be better to avoid consuming the saturated fat. Saturated fat is the type of fat that you have to avoid when you are doing the diet. The reason is that saturated fat can increase the cholesterol in your blood. By too much cholesterol in your blood, it can increase the risk of heart disease to attack you.

For the saturated fat, there is the average amount of both man and woman should have in a day. For a man, it would be better to take the saturated fat not more than 30g. Meanwhile, for a woman, it would be better to not more than the 20g amount of saturated fat in a day. Then, what are the foods that contain saturated fat in it? You can find the saturated fat in hard cheese, pies, cakes, lard, biscuits, butter, sausages, cream and many more. You have to lessen your eating hobby on those menus.

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