Knowing The Tuna On Your Plate

Tuna is one of the most popular fish in the world. The fish which belongs to the family Scombridae is common saltwater fish found around the world. This fish is a very good swimmer. Tuna has reddish flesh, unlike much other saltwater fish which have white pale flesh. It is caused by the muscle of the tuna contain more substances called myoglobin than any other saltwater fish. The tuna fish also can grow up to 4 meters with weight up to 600 kilograms. Although they can grow that large, they are capable of swimming at a high speed. They can reach around 75 kilometers per hour when swimming. This capability is due to their torpedo-like body shape. Their sleek, streamlined body makes them the fastest swimming pelagic fish.

Why Tuna Become Favorite Seafood

As a popular fish to be consumed, tuna has high value in the fish trade. They are commercially fished to fulfill the demand around the world. There are so many customers looking for this fish. Having a good taste and high nutrients, this kind of fish is being the most popular fish among seafood menu. In addition to its delicious taste, tuna contains a bunch of nutrients that are needed by the human’s body. For example, tuna contains a high amount of Omega 3, which is a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid that our body needs. Omega 3 is used to increase the brain function. It is also useful to prevent breast cancer.

Since tuna is widely traded around the world, they are sold often in being canned or fresh fish. The canned tuna is popular for home or personal usage because it is simple and easily found. Usually, people can buy this canned tuna in wholesale groceries or the nearest minimarket. Meanwhile, fresh tuna is commonly used by a restaurant or the canned tuna factory. They purchase a large amount of fresh tuna from either local fish supplier or import the tuna from another country. is one of the well-known and trusted tuna supplier.

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