Keeping Health When Pregnant

Most pregnant women are afraid to exercise because they think it can harm the fetus. Exercising while pregnant is actually good for you and your baby, although the type of exercise should still be noted. Exercise can lower blood pressure, lower the risk of gestational diabetes, control hormones, and help prepare for the birth process. Yet, before starting a fitness program, you should consult your doctor about what exercise can be done.

Some Reasons To Keep Exercising During Pregnancy

When exercising, the mind and body will be strengthened as well as preparing for the birth process. Several studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy can reduce labor time. Recovery after delivery can also take place more quickly because the body is always fit during pregnancy. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Montreal in 2013 showed that 20 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times a week can increase the baby’s brain power. So, not only the mother’s brain is also strengthened, but also the fetal brain in the womb. If you have trouble sleeping during pregnancy, especially in the last three months of pregnancy, exercise may be helpful. Most pregnant women have trouble sleeping at some point. If you find yourself experiencing insomnia, consult your doctor about what sports can be done.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to regain body like before pregnancy. Because of the hormones change during pregnancy, do not be surprised if your emotions go up and down more often. To reduce mood swings, try exercising regularly. Exercise can help balance hormones and increase self-esteem. However, if exercising regularly, weight gain can be controlled so it is still within the healthy range. So, exercising during pregnancy allows your weight back to weight before pregnancy is much faster. However, you can still lower your risk by keeping your weight under control, exercising, and just eating healthy food.

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