Home Remedies For Fever

Fever is when your temperature gets higher than usual. If you don’t want to take medicine since it contains chemicals. You can use home remedies to bring down a fever. If you have a low fever which is around 38-degree Celsius or below, you can just take a rest and sleep with a blanket, sweater, and socks on. In the next morning, you will get better. But if you feel uncomfortable or the fever may disturb your activity, those home remedies below will save your life.

How To Cool Your Fever?

The first simple thing that you can do whenever you have a fever is taking a bath in lukewarm water. The temperature of the lukewarm water is plenty cool and it can help to bring your body temperature down. It’s not recommended to take a bath in cold water. That method will just send blood rushing to your internal organs. Instead of cooling down, you just make the fever become higher. After taking a bath, you can sponge the high-heat area such as your forehead and armpits. The cool water helps to reduce the body temperature. If you’re not bathing since you feel like it feels super cold, you can damp washcloths and place it on your forehead and in the back of your neck.

Drinking warm tea whenever you have a fever is good. It will be better if you drink a cup of yarrow tea. It is famous for its function to open your pores so you will sweat. If you sweat, the fever will cool down. You can drink yarrow tea for a cup of two every day. Ginger tea is also very beneficial when you have a fever. It also induces sweating. You can boil a gingerroot in hot water. Similar to yarrow tea, you can drink it one or two cups every day. Home remedies are simple yet very good to cure your fever.

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