Health Life By Losing Your Weight

Health tipsDo you know if fat people are easily getting serious disease rather than people who have ideal weight? You will be sick if you have the weight more than your ideal weight because it can indicate that you have more fat in your body more than it needed does. You become fat and have a bigger body because you do not really care about your body. if you care about your body and you want to be healthy, you will minimally do exercise in minimally 10 minutes in a day by doing simple exercise and you also eat healthy food that has low fat and low calories, less sugar and preservative ingredient.

If you have, the bigger body you will hard to breathe and you can get heart attack sometimes because the bigger body usually emerge serious disease such as stroke, asthma because of low lung capacity, diabetes, and so on. What you have to do if you have more weighed is to lose your weight. You have to reach your ideal weight because it will make you be healthier.

To do this, you can do exercise that helps you lose the weight. You can do sport such as basketball, football, badminton, running, swimming, and much more. This activity can decrease your weight if you also prevent yourself for not consuming the food that will make your weight is decreased again. For instance, after you are running for a while on the weekend, you can rest at home and do not eat too much carbohydrate after that, do not excessively eat your snacks or change the snacks into food bar or healthy snack such as fruit, yogurt, and so on. When you weight is lose and now you have a healthy body, you can enjoy your life happily because you have health body and healthy mind too.

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