Good Exercises to Treat Scoliosis

Good Exercises to Treat Scoliosis

Health careScoliosis can be a common bone problem that is generally considered not deadly. This condition is characterized by a C-shaped or S-shaped curve in our spine. It usually occurs from childhood. However, there is a possibility that the problem comes in adulthood. There are some reasons that can cause this problem such as genetic, past joint or spinal surgery, the uneven position of pelvic and even other injuries. To correct this condition, it is usually recommended for you to undergo surgery. Nevertheless, you can also help to correct scoliosis by doing some exercises as follow.

Good Exercises You Can Do to Treat Scoliosis

We cannot deny that exercise is very nice for our overall health. When it comes to someone with scoliosis, there are some recommended exercises that you can consider. First, you can do step down then one-arm reach. To do this exercise, you need to step onto the step or small box by using your leg which seems longer when you try lying on the back. Then, low the opposite leg down the floor when you try to bend your knee. When you start descending, elevate your arm on the side. For instance, if your left foot is lowering, you need to raise the left one. Do this exercise for two to three sets.

Moreover, you can also do the upward and downward dog. To do this exercise, you need to do plank position first. Then push the hips back and then up. Try to do it as far as you can. After that, you need to hold the position for about two seconds. Then, lower the hips back down into the floor. In this case, it is better if you can do it as low as achievable without giving your back any pain or discomfort. You may need to do this exercise for two to three sets as well.

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