How Exercise Works for Our Body

How Exercise Works for Our Body

Health tipsExercise is a kind of activity that put a lot of stress to our muscle, a lot of energy from our body to do, and also train up a lot of parts from our body, including heart and muscle. Routine exercise session is one important part of every healthy lifestyle, and without enough amount of exercise session, our body won’t get optimal training, and it will be unwise for our body. If you want to know how the exercise work, bellows here we are going to tell you about how exercise works, the reason why exercise is a very healthy activity to do, and how exercise can train up for our body to be better and stronger. Now, let’s start discussing it, shall we?

How Exercise Works And Why Exercise Is Healthy Activity For Our Health?

Exercise is an activity that takes up a lot of energy and calorie to burn. To do exercise, you need to move a lot of muscle, and to move the muscle, it will need energy, our energy comes from calorie, and calorie also comes from sugar and carbohydrate. Doing a lot of exercises will draining up a lot of calories, and if a calorie isn’t enough in our body, instead of calorie, it will burn fats as the supply of energy. This way, exercise is an excellent way to burn fats, reducing your weight and to prevent obesity.

Exercise is also a way to train up our muscle. Exercise needs a lot of muscle work, and working muscle will take up a lot of energy. If you keep on your exercise, your muscle will work harder and harder, and after the exercise, you will feel pain in your muscle. This is called muscle spasm. Muscle spasm is a condition where your muscle is breaking after hard exercise. Don’t worry about muscle spasm, this is the sign if your muscle is growing. By breaking muscle, our body will regenerate the broken muscle, repair it, and also strengthen it. The more muscle you break, then the stronger your muscle will be.

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