Why Earthquakes Happens, What Causes Earthquakes?

Why Earthquakes Happens, What Causes Earthquakes?

what causes earthquakesEarthquake is a natural disaster. It is considered as a dangerous disaster, capable of ruining entire city in less than an hour. It can kill countless of lives and destroy much building. Why earthquakes occur, and what causes earthquakes?  The earthquakes happen when the earth plates collide at each other, breaking it and sending a shockwave. The earthquake can also happen when the volcano when active. The earthquake that caused by the volcanic activity is called volcanic earthquake while the earthquake caused by the breaking of earthen plates is called tectonic earthquakes. If you want to know more about what cause earthquakes, and how to minimalize the damage from earthquakes, you have come to the right place. We have information about earthquakes and tsunami here on our website.

What Causes Earthquakes And What We Need To Do When Earthquakes Happen?

Just like we stated above, the earthquakes can happen when the tectonic plates are colliding each other and crashed. Beneath us, in the earth mantle, there are giant rocks that floating on the magma inside the earth. These giant rocks are called earth plates. The earth plates are constantly moving slowly, and sometimes it can collide with each other. When the tectonic plates collide, it will break and releasing a huge amount of energy. This huge energy will send a seismic wave. Once the seismic wave reaches the surface, it will cause the ground trembling and earth shaking. This is what we call, tectonic earthquakes. That’s it what causes earthquakes.

The earthquake is a deadly natural disaster, as it can level entire city within less than an hour. If the earthquake happens to your city, don’t panic. Don’t run, walk away to the open field. If you are panicking, you will make another person panic, and it will cause chaos. It just makes things worse. Go to the open field. When you are in the tall building, never use lift or elevators when earthquakes. Use the emergency staircase instead. More information on how to act when earthquakes happen and what causes earthquakes on our website.

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